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znojmo From the Apartment is a wonderful view on the empire chapel of Virgin Mary in Hradiste. Nearby there is an amazing view on Znojmo.

Vranov nad Dyjí and Bítov

znojmo Vranov nad Dyji is in a picturesque valley of river Dyje. Dominating feature of this small village is a breathtaking castle rebuild in the 17. century into this monumental baroque building. Not far away is another remarkable neo-gothic castle Bitov with interesting dog’s collection and a renaissance castle Uhercice. Among the oldest historical monuments belong ruins of castles Cornstejn next to Bitov and Fernstejn in Podhradi nad Dyji.

National park Podyji

znojmo Our Apartment Na Navrsi is situated just a short walk from the National Park which reaches to the border with Austria. In the woods and through the vast rocks and gills is running winding stream of river Dyje. There are many marked foot – or cycling ways leading you through this natural treasure of South Moravia.

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